Line up: Arcade Fire, Explosions in the Sky, Grandaddy, Steaming Satellites, Get Well Soon

Ahoi! The Full Hit of Summer

Tue 11. Jul 2017
Entry 14:00
Beginning 15:00
Danube Park Donaulände
4010 Linz


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Arcade Fire’s fourth album Reflektor was released in October 2013 on Sonovox and welcomed as “a dark disco classic” (The Times) and “an art rock epic” (The Telegraph). Led by title track ‘Reflektor’, the album hit #1 in the Official Album Charts across the UK, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and the USA and topped the iTunes charts in 40 countries.  The Arcade Fire’s seminal debut Funeral (2004) was released to wide critical acclaim and featured in numerous Album of the Decade Polls including NME, Pitchfork, Guardian, Mojo and Rolling Stone. Their 2007 follow-up Neon Bible, debuted at #2 in the UK and also the Billboard Hot 100. Both records were nominated for Best Alternative Album at the Grammy Awards following their release. In 2011 the band won Album of The Year at the Grammy Awards for their third studio album The Suburbs (2010), before going on to win Best International Group and Best International Album at the 2011 BRIT Awards.

Formed in Montreal, Arcade Fire are Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Richard Reed Parry, William Butler, Tim Kingsbury and Jeremy Gara.


Arguably the most progressive instrumental rock album since The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place, The Wilderness is a bold, experimental work combining the EITS song craft that has sold hundreds of thousands of albums and tickets with the cinematic sensibility that has elevated the band to the level of regard and demand they enjoy as film composers. It is an album where shoegaze, electronic experimentation, punk damaged dub, noise, and ambient folk somehow coexist without a hint of contrivance—and cohere into some of the most memorable and listenable moments of the band’s expansive body of work—“proper” studio albums and major motion picture soundtracks alike.

The progressive ambience of early Peter Gabriel, the triumphant romanticism of The Cure in their prime, and the more melancholy moments of Fleetwood Mac all inform the curious beauty of The Wilderness. The uncanny ability to reconcile the tension between discordant, nightmarish cacophony and laid-back, Laurel Canyon-inspired folk-rock is a cornerstone of this album, and the center of Explosions In The Sky's remarkable evolution. If The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place was the defining album of Explosions In The Sky's career, The Wildernessis the band's [re]defining album.


Comparing writing and recording process of Last Place and his Grandaddy material to that of his solo albums, Yours Truly, the Commuter (2009) and Dept. of Disappearance (2012), Jason Lytle noted, "I think I welcome being a bit more vague and mysterious with the lyrical stuff with Grandaddy. There’s definitely a concerted effort from me, almost in a cool exercise, to try to make ‘em sound like Grandaddy songs. Especially when all of the options that you have gear-wise and software-wise and just having progressed as far as having become a better musician or a better engineer. It was kind of nice for me to go back to Grandaddy school."

Much of the album's lyrical content is largely concerned with Lytle's divorce from his wife, and their prior move to Portland: "I was with this person for over a decade, and we got married for a little bit. There were all kinds of problems, and moving was sort of an attempt to maybe fix things. But all it really did was just pull the veil off, pull the blanket, open up the curtains and all the light sort of shown in on what was going on. Portland was the beginning of the end, and then it was just a matter of survival at that point."


The second album Vexations was released in Europe in January 2010. Unlike the debut, it was pre-produced by Konstantin Gropper and then was recorded with a full band in a studio. It entered the German album charts at number 11 and was followed by a tour.

In 2011 Konstantin Gropper wrote the score to the first season of the French series Xanadu, which was broadcast in France and Germany by ARTE TV.

In 2012 he released the album The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads. In 2016 he released an orchestral version of the 2010 album as Vexations 16.


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