Line up: Conor Oberst

poolbar-Festival 2017

Mon 7. Aug 2017
Entry 19:00
Beginning 20:30
Poolbar Reichenfeldgasse 10
6800 Feldkirch


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Ruminations – 2016

“It wasn’t premeditated at all. I don’t know if you know what Omaha is like in the winter, but it’s just paralyzing. You’re stranded in the house. Every night I was staying up late, making a point to play the new piano I had just bought and watching the snow fall outside the house. Everybody would be asleep and I would just go into this one room, make a fire, and play all night. In November I had a whole pick-up truck full of firewood delivered and I thought, ‘I’m never going to run out of it.’ Before I knew I had gone through half of the firewood and I had five songs. By February I had burned through it all, and I had 15 songs. I had just spent the whole winter making fires and playing music.” 


Das Veröffentlichungsdatum für das neue Album ist für den 17. März 2017 festgelegt. Es wird Salutations heißen und ist ein Begleitwerk mit Band zum davor erschienenen Ruminations. Darauf zu hören sind die zehn Songs aus Ruminations und sieben ganz neue Werke. (eigen, wiki, sangerer)


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